Team Canada head coach criticizes and benches Connor Bedard and it's causing a stir

Published August 16, 2022 at 1:39 PM

For the past few years, young Connor Bedard has been unanimously considered the top prospect for the 2023 National Hockey League draft.

He has just turned 17 and is already seen as a future franchise player for an NHL organization, and since the start of the World Junior Championship, he has been playing up to the expectations (which are huge).

His shot is simply phenomenal:

Just to give you an idea, Bedard could play in this annual tournament for three more years, he is so young. It's just crazy!

Anyway, despite his solid production (almost a goal and two points per game), there is one who doesn't seem to be satisfied at all.

As reported by our colleagues at, the excellent Stéphane Leroux gathered comments from Junior Team Canada head coach Dave Cameron about Bedard.

See what he had to say:

"I went with the best tonight (Bedard was not in our best tonight, in my opinion). The numerous penalties didn't help either. Still, Bedard had a tough game in his zone." - Dave Cameron

Cameron explained here why he decided to leave the young Bedard, more often than not, at the end of his team's bench.

As you might expect, Bedard's minimal use in the final two periods of Monday night's game against Finland is causing quite a stir. The player described as generational played less than four minutes during the last 40 minutes of the game, ouch!

Many consider this unacceptable. Do you agree?

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Team Canada head coach criticizes and benches Connor Bedard and it's causing a stir

Do you think Connor Bedard will be a generational player, almost on par with McDavid?

Yes41938.9 %
No more like Auston Matthews21520 %
No more like Jack Hughes26124.3 %
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