A rule change would allow Kent Hughes to acquire prospect Brett Stapley (again)

Published August 16, 2022 at 11:02

Earlier this summer, we learned that the Montreal Canadiens made the decision not to sign (and release) prospect Brett Stapley.

Stapley, 23, scored a solid 43 points in 41 games last season in the NCAA. He was even considered among the top players in the American college circuit (after being drafted in the seventh round by the Montreal Canadiens in 2018).

In short, he no longer belongs to the Tricolore organization.

Now, there could be a big turnaround on that front. As reported by our colleagues at GoHabsGo.com, normally, NHL teams retain the rights to prospects they drafted who play in college circuits for four seasons. (Before having to make a decision)

That decision is to 1) sign the player in question or 2) release the player. Earlier this summer, it was decision time for Kent Hughes, regarding Stapley, and he decided to release him.

But, according to what Montreal Hockey has discovered, the NCAA may have exceptionally changed its rule, for next year only.

Since its operations have been turned upside down tremendously (by the pandemic), the NCAA would finally allow players to return for a fifth year.

So, prospect Brett Stapley could decide to return to play for the University of Denver and he would be included in the CH's prospect bank again. (and he would be owned by the Habs again) A very unusual situation.

It will be interesting to watch!

Credit: GoHabsGo.com

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