A very interesting comment from Chantal Machabée about the Montreal Canadiens fans

Published August 16, 2022 at 11:29

In a recent interview on the TVA network, the excellent Chantal Machabée touched on many interesting subjects.

In particular, she revealed the special nickname that some players give her:

And also, she discussed the organization's new approach with the media and journalists. Basically, she wants the players to be able to express themselves more freely. (In other words, they want to do away with the famous tape, at the CH)

Chantal even gave some examples:

"Ben Chiarot tells me after a loss that he's fed up, but he couldn't say that to the media. Of course, he can deliver the bottom of his thoughts, she made him understand. There's an appropriate way to do it without putting others down."

So he immediately applied this advice:

"After eight losses, he got in front of the media and said what he thought. He was glancing at me and I was waving at him and saying everything is fine. Right now I'm looking at Twitter and reporters are reacting, "Wow, best Ben Chiarot press briefing ever!" Fans: "Finally someone [who says the real thing]." Fans aren't stupid! They follow this, they know this."

Really interesting comments from Chantal Machabée (reported by TVA Sports.ca). It's flattering and encouraging for Habs fans.

She's definitely taking the opinions and wishes of the fans into account, and making adjustments in that direction. Her primary goal remains to please the fans and make the players more accessible and "human" than ever.

Machabée is willing to live with the slippage that this can cause, and that is quite a change in mentality compared to the Marc Bergevin era.

Keep in mind this very interesting comment from Chantal Machabée, regarding the fans:

"The fans are not stupid! They follow this, they know this."

And there you have it! We want the real thing, and it certainly promises to be so for next season. (Although we've already had a good taste of that big change in mentality, in the second half of the 2021-22 season)

For the interesting details:

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A very interesting comment from Chantal Machabée about the Montreal Canadiens fans

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