Surprising revelation on the selection of Joshua Roy by the Canadiens

Published April 1, 2022 at 0:00

We talked about it on Wednesday morning, the Montreal Canadiens organization officially announced the signing of young Joshua Roy, the second leading scorer in the QMJHL this season (one point off the lead).

The Habs only had to use a fifth round pick (150th overall) to get their hands on this very promising player, a real steal at the draft.

It is 100% certain that if the 2021 NHL draft were to be repeated, Roy would be taken in the first round. On this subject, NHL scouts (under the cover of anonymity) have admitted that the CH hit a home run with this selection.

Obviously, the reflex is to thank Marc Bergevin and Trevor Timmins for the pick, but not so fast.

"A little clarification on the selection of Joshua Roy. "That pick there is Serge Boisvert's. If it's not from Serge, Joshua Roy doesn't belong in the Red-White Blue" - A scout from another team" - Marc-André Perreault

Interesting. Thanks to the scout Serge Boisvert in any case!

We were telling you about it recently, but Boisvert really has the confidence of his new bosses Hughes and Gorton, in Montreal, and he was recently sent on a special mission (during the last two weeks) to Europe, to look at the potential best players available at the 2022 draft. (Since the Habs will be drafting in the top three picks)

He certainly visited (or will soon): Juraf Slafkovsky, Joakim Kemmell and Brad Lambert in Finland, Simon Nemec and Filip Mesar in Slovakia, Liam Ohgren, Marco Kasper and Lian Bichsel in Sweden.

We trust him!

To read the complete article about his last trip, check out the Journal L'Express de Drummondville, an excellent article here:

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Surprising revelation on the selection of Joshua Roy by the Canadiens

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