Surprise return to Europe for forward Evgenii Dadonov? A surprising option that has just been raised on TVA Sports

Published November 2, 2022 at 1:07 PM

The name that is probably the most talked about right now in Montreal is that of Evgeny Dadonov.

After being left out by Martin St-Louis on Saturday, and after being seen in a big discussion with general manager Kent Hughes, Dadonov is absent due to treatments, according to the official version.

Let's recall what Kent Hughes mentioned, when he agreed to open up on the subject:

After journalist Marc-André Perreault revealed this interesting information, there were many reactions on the TVA Sports set:

"Kent Hughes must send Evgeny Dadonov to other skies, he can't wait any longer, it must be done!" - Dave Morissette

The fact that Dadonov's agent personally contacted Kent Hughes on Friday speaks volumes.

"You have the agent calling. The player is left out. I understand he's got a bug, but that doesn't take away the fact that your client is not happy. He's 33 years old and he's not in the plans."

Patrick Lalime then brings up an intriguing point:

"I don't think he's Martin St. Louis' favorite. Last year of a contract, you know as an athlete you have to give yourself another chance. You want to get an opportunity. All it does now is get you closer to the KHL. I can't wait to see what happens when all the players come back healthy."

- Patrick Lalime, who believes Europe could be an option for Dadonov.

It's a new option that hasn't been discussed so much until now, but do you think Dadonov could just decide to return to Europe? It would be quite a surprise, but the suggestion was raised yesterday.

Alexandre Picard then adds a layer, saying that Dadonov is not currently part of the solution for the Montreal Canadiens.

It can even become a bad situation in the dressing room, according to him, as Dadonov seems to be getting more and more disgruntled. Having disgruntled veterans in the locker room can indeed sometimes undermine the good mood of young players.

Dadonov, 33, was acquired by Kent Hughes last June 16 for Shea Weber's contract, and he has no points in eight games this season.

What's your prediction on this one?

1- Europe?
2- An imminent trade?
3- waivers?
4- Just keep him with the Habs and play him?

For the important details :

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Surprise return to Europe for forward Evgenii Dadonov? A surprising option that has just been raised on TVA Sports

What will happen with Dadonov?

Europe/KHL5133.6 %
Trade3623.7 %
Waivers4328.3 %
Stay with the Habs2214.5 %
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