Hughes breaks the silence regarding Evgenii Dadonov and his relationship with the Canadiens

Published November 2, 2022 at 9:51

The Evgenii Dadonov file continues to be the talk of the Montreal Canadiens, who was left out on Saturday and has been absent since.

Many are talking about a hot potato, while others are calling for him to be placed on waivers.

Last night, TVA Sports reporter Marc-André Perreault had the opportunity to speak with Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes, and Hughes agreed to comment on the Dadonov file and give the real answers.

"On Friday, Dadonov's agent calls Kent Hughes. The two don't know each other. He tells him "these might not be the best conditions for him with the ice time and all." Kent Hughes said 'I don't have a problem with that, I would have done the same thing as an agent,'" Perreault told NHL After Game.

Perreault continued his account:

"Any agent wants to make their player better. That said, Dadonov attends practice Saturday and is told he won't play (against the Blues). Kent Hughes goes to see Dadonov after the game, not the other way around. They have a discussion to tell each other the real stuff and be honest. Dadonov recognizes that his level of play is not good enough and that he can do more."

Finally, Hughes mentioned to Perreault that the next day (Sunday), Dadonov began experiencing flu-like symptoms.

The reporter insists that Dadonov didn't sulk, but was the victim of the "perfect storm" to find himself at the center of all sorts of rumors.

The fact is that the Habs currently have too many forwards in its lineup (15), and when defenseman Joel Edmundson returns, a big decision will have to be made and a forward will have to be bailed out. Knowing that Dadonov is indeed unhappy with his ice time, he could absolutely be the one to bail out.

To be continued! It could be very interesting to watch.

Which forward do you think will be bailed out when Joel Edmundson returns (Hughes will have to clear a spot in the active roster)?

For the important details and full explanation from the excellent Marc-André Perreault:

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Hughes breaks the silence regarding Evgenii Dadonov and his relationship with the Canadiens

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