Shane Wright has a terrible flaw

Published December 17, 2021 at 1:18 PM

Shane Wright is seen as the first overall pick in the upcoming National Hockey League draft. He was given the status of exceptional player in the OHL, so he could play at the age of 15, like Connor McDavid and John Tavares.

The 17-year-old had a rookie season (at age 15) on par with Connor McDavid, with 66 points, including 39 goals, in 58 games. His talent is undeniable, but he has a flaw that always puts scouts off. He's a ZERO when it comes to hustle.

"The kid has a lot of talent. I would never question that. He's stylish, fluid and has a great shot. His offensive skills are undeniable. But you have to look beyond that for a first overall pick. I've been watching him for several years now and he's not a great competitor. I've traveled three times in the last month to see him play and, honestly, he's a big zero in terms of hustle." - A scout from an NHL Central Division team

This has never been a problem with Tavares, McDavid, Crosby or Toews, but it has for the young Wright. According to the scout, he lets himself get hit, he NEVER gives his second effort, and then he seems to be satisfied with that.

The unnamed scout actually compared him to a Jack Eichel, not a Connor McDavid.

"Shane is going to get his 80-90 points a year in the NHL. But when it's time to give him $10M a year, it's going to be tiring. I take the case of Jack Eichel, for example. The Sabres had no choice but to give him his big contract. But is he really the guy you want to build your collective identity around?"

OK! I'm not sure that he is a "no brainer" for the first overall pick in the upcoming draft anymore.
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