Senators waiting for Brady Tkachuk

Published September 14, 2021 at 12:26

Beforehand, Brady Tkachuk has been openly critical of the Ottawa Senators organization, indicating that he may sign a short term contract as he is not sure if he wants to play for the Sens for a long time. I think he is aware that the owner of the franchise, Eugene Melnyk, does not like to spend his money to secure the services of his pillars. At least that's what we've been able to read between the lines.

However, it looks like this time, Melnyk understood that in order to keep his best sellers, he had to deposit a fair amount for them. Thomas Chabot signed an eight-year, $64 million deal, then according to Bruce Garrioch's latest report on Tkachuk, Keith's son's clan would have a copy of those numbers on the table ($64 million and eight years).

The Ottawa Senators training camp starts in eight days and the team's goal is to have the number 7 star, future captain and best seller on the ice at that time. The team has done everything right to get this issue resolved. But it looks like Tkachuk is wagging his finger. Does he want to analyze his options and come back with a short term counter offer? We're talking here...

I remind you that Tkachuk collected 125 points, including 60 goals, in 198 games in a Senators uniform. Add to that the 725 hits he has delivered on his opponents since the beginning of his professional career. That's a pretty huge stat, isn't it? That makes him a very rare "prototype"!
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