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There is a comparison to be made between Dvorak and Weber

Published September 14, 2021 at 11:31

Christian Dvorak has been the subject of much ink since his acquisition and the negative comments about him are rare. Very rare. A player who is close to perfection like D-Vo, it becomes difficult to find a flaw in him. Do you follow me?

That being said, while we're on the subject of Christian Dvorak, you should know that the new head coach of the Arizona Coyotes, André Tourigny, would have really enjoyed coaching Dvorak. In his eyes, Dvorak is a dominant player who stands out in many facets of the game. Facets that are crucial to winning hockey games.

"He is very good in both directions of the ice. On top of that, he finished third in goals on the team. He's a guy who can be sent out in tough situations and can play against the best lines. He is a guy who has good hockey sense. He is always well positioned and keeps his composure in tricky situations. He is never too high or too low. Like Shea Weber, he has a certain consistency," said Tourigny.

I love that comparison to Shea Weber in terms of consistency. With this type of player, you know what to expect game after game. You know exactly what he's going to give to the team, which is important for a coach. On top of that, Dvorak has the stuff to wear that famous letter of nobility, the "C". Who knows, maybe he could wear it with the Habs when Weber officially retires.

In short, Tourigny also recalled that his boss, Bill Armstrong, received a ton of calls about Dvorak and that the Montreal Canadiens' offer was the best among them. Both organizations consider themselves "winners", but for my part, a pick is a roll of the dice until proven otherwise.
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