After Sylvain Lefebvre, another former member of the Canadiens refuses the vaccine!

Published September 14, 2021 at 10:17

Refusal of vaccines is definitely popular at the beginning of the 2021-2022 season. In my opinion, this decision remains personal. Each human being can make the decision he wants regarding vaccination, but unfortunately, in the hockey world, when you are behind the bench, you are obliged to have your vaccination passport. Yesterday, Sylvain Lefebvre withdrew from his duties with the Blue Jackets because he opted not to have the product injected into his arm.

This morning, we learned that another former member of the Canadiens, Brett Clark, also refused the vaccination route. Clark, who played 102 games with the Montreal Canadiens after being selected in the 6th round by them in 1996, has given up his place behind the bench of the Colorado Eagles, the Avalanche' AHL club.

"Under the league's new protocols, I am not allowed to fulfill my duties on the Eagles coaching staff at this time. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to resuming my coaching career soon," said Clark.

To replace Clark behind the Eagles' bench, the Avalanche brought Tim Branham to their AHL squad. Branham was already with the organization as the head coach of the franchise's second ECHL club (Utah). All indications are that Clark could return to his position in the future...
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