Scott Mellanby already had his candidate for general manager if he had stayed in Montreal

Published November 29, 2021 at 2:43 PM

Scott Mellanby stepped down as assistant general manager this Saturday, as the Habs did not select him for a promotion as the new hockey operations manager.

Instead, Jeff Gorton will take over the reins of the club, pending the nomination of a new general manager.

According to information from Renaud Lavoie, if Scott Mellanby had moved up in the Habs hierarchy, Daniel Brière would have been his choice for general manager.

Remember that the Quebecer is currently at the head of the Maine Mariners, the Philadelphia Flyers' ECHL affiliate.

"Brière knows the patterns. He knows how to manage players. He's been learning on the job, and a lot of it, for the past few years," Lavoie said.

However, the logical choice right now to come and lead the Montreal organization is none other than Mathieu Darche, according to Lavoie.

In both cases, the organization could count on a former Saint-Flanelle player to lead the team along with Jeff Gorton. A small plus for the team, in my opinion. They already know the game of being part of a team with as much prestige as the Montreal Canadiens. We will have our answer in a few days, of course.
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