Renaud Lavoie made a shocking statement about Carey Price

Published December 2, 2021 at 11:54

With the arrival of a new management, Jeff Gorton and his future right and left arms, we are aware that some pieces could move on the chessboard. This is the case of Carey Price, who is still on the sidelines at the time of writing this post.

By the way, on this subject, Renaud Lavoie pushed a true sentence regarding number 31, but this one hurts to hear (or read in this case).

"The new management does not owe anything to Carey Price. We must not forget either, that Carey lifted his no-trade clause last summer (for the expansion draft)!" - Lavoie

Remember that in a way, Carey is prepared to leave the organization that selected him in 2005 since he lifted his no-trade clause last summer. He was ready to leave Montreal for Seattle, so for Edmonton, I imagine he would be even more ready.

That being said, when all the management positions are filled on the 7th floor at the Bell Centre, Price will certainly be the first to be evaluated from A to Z. He has a monster pact, but the Oilers would be able to accommodate some of it by involving Mikko Koskinen in a potential trade.

To be continued, as the other would say!
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