Radio legend completely destroys Carey Price

Published August 27, 2022 at 9:19 PM

As you know, the Carey Price file has been the subject of much discussion and reaction since Kent Hughes' announcement last week and in the last few hours, it was the turn of a radio legend to speak out.

As my colleague Alexandre Desrosiers reports, Danielle Rainville is a legend, and above all, a pioneer of radio. She is notably the very first woman to have had an open line, 40 years ago.

Present at the microphone of Yannick Bouchard, on the airwaves of 98.5 FM, Ms. Rainville discussed the Carey Price file, and she had a lot to say:

"Heille! Can you go home now? Can you go home now? Forget about the cash, my man. Your career is over. Thank you for your service. We're moving on. At some point... it's a shame. It's sad. It sounds like it's going to be extremely difficult for him to continue a career. You have to accept where you're at and accept that we've had some amazing years and make room for others." -Danielle Rainville

This is a pretty clear and direct excerpt. Also, the brilliant communicator chatted about the place of women in hockey. She is very proud of the career path of Émilie Castonguay, who became assistant to the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks this year.

The important thing is that women today have a choice," she says, noting that she doesn't think the most recent female appointments in sports are about "a marketing card. Women can bring something different."

And if she had any advice for young women who aspire to a career in sports, "You have to get involved in the business."

To listen to the full, very interesting interview, click here.

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Radio legend completely destroys Carey Price

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