Quebecer David Desharnais flips a switch on a referee in Switzerland

Published December 13, 2021 at 8:06

Who doesn't remember David Desharnais in Montreal?

A little playmaker, who served as the Habs' first center for a few seasons while having the CH tattooed on his heart.

However, the Quebecer was also known for his calmness and kindness on the ice and in front of journalists.

On the other hand, like any human being, it can happen that one gets angry. This was the case for Desharnais this Sunday, during a game in the Swiss first division.

The former number 51 and 58 of the CH was ejected for having said his way of thinking to a referee who didn't want to crack down when the opposing team was giving out hits.

In a post-game interview, Desharnais took the time to explain why he complained to the official.

"I pointed out to the referee that Daniel Brodinavait was hit on the head with a stick without being punished. It's not in the standards, it's not the referee's job to make the rules. I have no problem with hard play, but dirty play is unacceptable! The referee is also there to look after the physical integrity of the players. There have been too many gratuitous slashes."

Obviously, he was really irritated by the situation. To his credit, he stood up for his teammate. It only proves that Desharnais is a player with heart and integrity.

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