Price and Petry: bad drama

Published January 29, 2022 at 9:30

JiC Lajoie, live from his own set, got carried away about the silence of Carey Price, who has still not met with the media since the beginning of the campaign. It is true that this situation is completely illogical, which leads us to raise all sorts of theories.

«You have to admit that it's at the very least. It doesn't actually make any sense. The franchise player of the team, back from the player assistance program, injured, but in daily rehabilitation in the club facilities, who does not speak to the public via the transmission belt that journalists are.

Try to imagine the same deal with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, with Pat Mahomes in Kansas City or Lebron James in Los Angeles," said Lajoie.

100%, just like his speech about Julie Petry, which certainly shows her husband's desire to leave Quebec and the Canadiens.

«As well as the bylaws of Julie Petry, who has made a statement in support of the freedom convoy truckers protesting in Ottawa!»

Angela is also advocating for the same things as her good friend Julie. In fact, would it be better for the Canadiens to move the two veterans to remove two thorns from their feet? Petry, yes, he has to go. CareyŚ I am not convinced!
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