Dominique Ducharme seems to care little about the lack of effort of his players

Published January 28, 2022 at 10:32 PM

The Canadiens are heading straight for one of their worst campaigns in history since the franchise's opening in 1909. Their 23-point run after 42 games puts them last in the NHL.

It must be said that the situation is far from simple for coach Dominique Ducharme. He has had to juggle many injuries since the start of the campaign, but there are worse. The coach seems to have lost the respect of his players.

Marc-André Perreault, a journalist with TVA Sports, attended the CH practice on Friday morning and let's say that the effort offered by the CH players was quite questionable.

"If we start from the premise that we play as we practice, today's training has given us a good overview of why they are 32nd in the NHL. I may have seen 600 practices in the last few years, so I know a little bit about what I'm talking about."

What is most surprising in this situation is to see how Ducharme reacted. Jean-Charles Lajoie did not mince his words even going from a comparison with a former CH coach.

"And while waiting, Ducharme looks down. He curls by sweeping the ice with his stick. He doesn't stare at any player! I'll tell you one thing: the late Pat Burns would have given the players a lot of trouble!"

However, can we really blame him for the performance of the CH so far? No matter how much he yells at them on the ice, most players just don't seem to want to perform.

As the Canadiens' new leadership makes a decision after the season as to the future of Dominique Ducharme, it seems increasingly obvious that he will not be back in Montreal.
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