Player agent says Shea Weber could be traded by the Habs any day now

Published March 23, 2022 at 5:45 PM

Even though the trade deadline has passed, NHL teams can still make personnel moves.

As reported by David Armoni of Marker.com, noted player agent Allan Walsh mentioned it in a post on Twitter. However, there is one important condition.

If a player is traded after the trade deadline, that player must not play any more games until the end of the current season, both in the regular season and in the playoffs.

This means that Carey Price and Shea Weber are available for a trade.

In Price's case, since he is expected to return to action this season, this option is not an option at all, but it's a different story in Weber's case.

It was reported on Monday that the Habs captain's contract was almost traded to another team before the trade deadline.

This tactic of trading a contract so that a team can reach the salary floor has been used in the past, talk about the Arizona Coyotes. But in Weber's case, since he is not expected to make a return to the NHL, the best option for Kent Hughes would be to trade his contract to go after a draft pick.

Weber has four more seasons left on his contract averaging $7.86 million per year.

The Habs GM has been fairly open about his willingness to trade Weber's contract. So the announcement could come any day now, even if the trade deadline has passed.

Hughes and Gorton will continue to try to find common ground. They mentioned on Monday that several teams are interested.

Note that if a player is traded after the deadline, his rights obviously belong to his new team the following season.

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Player agent says Shea Weber could be traded by the Habs any day now

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