We have news about Brendan Gallagher

Published March 23, 2022 at 4:31 PM

The Montreal Canadiens organization, true to its new habit, has made a nice update of the day's absentees.

Also, there is forward Brendan Gallagher, who was still missing today and we just got some news about him :

"Brendan Gallagher is back with the team, but he's not ready to resume practice." - Montreal Canadiens

All indications are that he will be out again for tomorrow night's game against the Panthers, we should have confirmation a few hours before the game.

Remember that "Gally" has been quite sick in the last few days (unrelated illness to COVID-19), the gastro is currently running. Gallagher is also injured in the lower body (injury suffered last week). His condition is still under evaluation.

More details to come...

March 23   |   268 answers
We have news about Brendan Gallagher

Where do you see Brendan Gallagher in the lineup when he returns?

1st line217.8 %
2nd line9535.4 %
3rd line10840.3 %
4th line4416.4 %
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