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Phenomenon Trevor Zegras has some very big plans this year!

Published August 22, 2021 at 2:31 PM

Aside from Cole Caufield, if there is one rookie that people should be keeping an eye on, it's Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks. The ninth overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft showed some very big things last year, which should likely have the Ducks' staff salivating.

If they expected to see a timid Zegras this year, they'll have to change their tune. Number 46 is ready to take on a lot of responsibility this year, as he will inevitably act as the team's first center, despite being 20 years old. He formed a great line with Maxime Comtois and Troy Terry, and they are likely to form the first unit of the California team.

In the final stretch of the season, I played center and I think it went well, noted Zegras. I worked on my faceoffs and was comfortable."

One thing is for sure, even though the Ducks are considered to be overlooked due to their label as a rebuilding team, there is no way Zegras will put a damper on his expectations. He wants to win!

"The most important thing is to compete and work hard, he said. Basically what I do best is compete. I love winning and that's what motivates me. That's how I approach every day."

"Last year because of COVID-19, I didn't really get to experience the real day-to-day life of an NHL player," Zegras said at Smashfest, a charity table tennis event held on Aug. 12. "I'm excited to get back to normal and experience my first real season in the NHL. I want to be the best player I can be and try to help the team win."

It's easy to draw parallels to the 2021 World Junior Hockey Championship, where the U.S. won the competition in the final against Canada. Zegras led that team with his 18 points in 7 games.

Zegras is extremely grateful to the Ducks veterans who helped him make the transition from college player to professional. There are two veterans that have primarily impacted him.

"We have such a good group of veterans, and they have been great at integrating the younger players," Zegras said. We have a good mix of older and younger players. Guys like [center] Ryan Getzlaf and [defenseman] Josh Manson show you how to perform every day."

"I just came from [Boston University], and it's completely different, so it was great to have the help of the veterans and learn from them," added Zegras. We have coach Dallas Eakins and new assistant coaches this season (Geoff Ward, Mike Stothers, Newell Brown), so hopefully they'll help us turn things around."

Recall that Zegras had struggled to produce offensively when he arrived with the Ducks, they were slow to find the back of the net. However, he finished with a total of 13 points in 20 games, including 6 points in his last six games. He also maintained a surprising +6 rating.

When you look at the young American on the ice, you can see that he has the look of a certain Patrick Kane. However, it's normal, Kane is the model of Zegras since his childhood. The Ducks and Blackhawks will cross swords on Jan. 15, where Zegras will have the chance to face his idol for the first time.

"It should be pretty weird, honestly, Zegras said. I imagine it will happen and it will be great. Of course, he's a player I've admired my whole life, so I think it's going to be fun."

Here are some of his highlights:

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