Jack Eichel was clearly a Quebecer in another life

Published August 22, 2021 at 11:03

For quite some time now, forward Jack Eichel has been in a never-ending media whirlwind as he awaits a trade that will get him out of Buffalo. It's one of the biggest stories in the NHL right now.

NHL training camps are just under a month away and Eichel is still a member of the Sabres, which seems to be irritating him a bit. Where could he end up?

Jack Eichel has been linked to the Montreal Canadiens on numerous occasions. Marc Bergevin seems to be interested in the services of the American center, but does not seem to be interested in the Sabres' asking price. However, according to information leaked by Shawn Simpson of TSN, Eichel would indirectly be destined to play for the Montreal Canadiens.

According to the journalist, the number 9's favorite food would be none other than poutine, a typical Quebec meal. Then, Eichel's favorite beer would be Molson, a beer company owned by the CH owner. In addition, his favorite pizza is from Gabriel Pizza, a pizzeria located exclusively in Quebec and Ontario.

Shawn Simpson apparently meant that Eichel has a preference for Quebec food, but would he want to play in Montreal? Perhaps he should be asked. Montreal fans would have to find Eichel much more appealing, considering that he already enjoys the Quebec food culture, in a way.

All that's left is to introduce him to tourtière, pudding chomeur and corn roasts... 🤣

All kidding aside, you shouldn't sell the bear skin before you've caught it....
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