P.K. Subban obviously doesn't learn from his mistakes

Published November 5, 2021 at 12:56

The season is only eight games old, and P.K. Subban has already been called for the wrong reasons three times.

He has executed no less than three tripping incidents since the start of the season, two of which he was penalized for. One might start to think that Subban has picked up some bad habits.

His first target was Ryan Reaves of the New York Rangers in a pre-season game. He was not disciplined, even though the Rangers' big man was injured on the play.

The second victim was Milan Lucic of the Calgary Flames. Subban was fined $5,000 for this action at the expense of the Flames' pest.

The third target and not the least was Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks. Being a repeat offender of this type of action, Subban was fined a maximum of $15,000.

If P.K. continues to do what he wants, could he be suspended? Number 76 seems to have taken some bad bites, so perhaps this punishment would be more appropriate in the future.

Source: Ball Curve
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