Ducharme was strongly criticized for the use of Pezzetta

Published November 5, 2021 at 9:05

In my opinion, Michael Pezzetta was one of the best soldiers on Thursday night for the Red,White, and Blue, with his drive, energy, character and commitment. Nothing flamboyant, but he played his role to perfection as the sandpaper that usually gives a unit gas.

I have no choice but to agree with what Grant McCagg said about the pretty curly:

Who was the Montreal Canadiens' best forward on Thursday night? Pezzetta!

Who was the least used player on Thursday night? Pezzetta!

As McCagg said, didn't Dominique Ducharme want to light up his team by giving him more ice time? No way, we'll keep him on the bench! Come on!

Not for nothing, Pezzetta, who only played 9:03, took three shots on net, gave out three shoulder shots and there was a little something going on when he boarded the ice. It was only a small spark as he didn't get into the fray very, very often.

We could have sent him out for a few appearances with some top forwards, right? Just to get the energy level up!
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