Kevin Weekes' credibility just took a big hit

Published November 4, 2021 at 8:44 PM

The Jack Eichel saga is now a thing of the past! After months of rumors, the former Sabres captain was finally traded to the Vegas Golden Knights. This coincided with the rumors that were put forward by reputable informants in the NHL world.

However, Kevin Weekes' credibility just took a solid right. Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams confirmed that the Calgary Flames' offer to acquire Jack Eichel never included forward Matthew Tkachuk. Adams even added that it was downright "bullsh*t".

Late yesterday, Weekes had suggested that the Flames' offer on the table to acquire Eichel included Tkachuk, a first-round pick, a first-round prospect and two other prospects.

In short, Weekes will have to rethink the sources he is working with, as they clearly did not give him the right information on this matter.
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