Brendan Gallagher's smile when talking about Nick Suzuki is very revealing

Published November 4, 2021 at 7:06 PM

It's a smiling Brendan Gallagher chatting about his teammate Nick Suzuki this afternoon. Nick Suzuki is quietly finding his feet again, as he racked up three points against the Wings on Tuesday.

"Gally" praised his young compatriot's playmaking and leadership skills, among other things.

"He's a special player and a special person. Whenever we go through a rough patch, he's one of the guys that helps us get through it. He likes to stand out in big moments. He gives a lot of confidence to others in the locker room, so he's a good player."

Gallagher admitted, however, that the Habs players don't ask too much of him. They just want him to do his job.

"We don't ask too much of him. Like with everyone else, we just expect him to do his job and the results usually follow."

Gallagher finished by dropping a little hint about who the potential future captain of the Blue-White-Red might be. 😉

"If Suzy (Suzuki) continues to mature and play the leadership role that I think he is, it will be positive for the team and the organization.

Clearly, number 11 holds Nick Suzuki in very high regard. We would even go so far as to think that Gallagher was talking about his future captain. The Habs have a special player on their hands, and they will have to take care of him.
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