Stu Cowan compared David Savard to an unloved ex-Canadien

Published November 5, 2021 at 9:23

Let's be honest, very honest, we're a long way from watching the David Savard we saw in the Stanley Cup Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Honestly, on Thursday night, he was atrocious, if not the worst player in a Montreal Canadiens jersey.

Some reporters were really harsh on him, comparing him to a certain Karl Alzner, who was as slow as an old Lada running out of unleaded gas. You have to wonder who would win a race on skates between the two individuals...

But what a catastrophic night for the Kulak-Savard pair! Having players play in a chair that is not theirs gives the result that we saw, once again, with Kulak and Savard. In short, it would be a very honest third pairing, but in a top-4, it gives the present finding.

Savard ended his night of work with one assist, a minus-2 rating and three turnovers, which indicates that his game was pretty tough...

I'll leave you with this, which sums up the situation perfectly!

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