Opening night for Ryan Poehling against the Minnesota Wild

Published January 24, 2022 at 3:19 PM

It will be a special night for forward Ryan Poehling on Monday against the Minnesota Wild.

Native of Lakeville, Minnesota, this will be the first time Poehling has played a game in his hometown since he played with the Montreal Canadiens. He will obviously play in front of family and friends.

He even admitted that he was a very big fan of the Wild being younger. His model? Zach Parise, former colour bearer of the American franchise, now a member of the New York Islanders.

He had a little idea whether the passion for hockey was stronger in Quebec or in the state of Minnesota, also known as the State of Hockey.

Poehling also admitted that playing in the NHL is a godsend. According to him, it was an unattainable outcome to accomplish.

Already a hard worker during a game, there's no doubt he'll have the pedal to the floor tonight against his childhood team. Expect a great performance from him.
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