Update about Ben Chiarot

Published January 24, 2022 at 12:35

Ben Chiarot and Artturi Lehkonen are certainly the two most attractive players with the Montreal Canadiens for several reasons. If Lehkonen has a very high value, it is practically the same with Chiarot, which could be worth a first round pick.

According to the specialists, Chiarot will be the first to leave the boat since his salary is attractive, especially since his contract comes to an end at the end of this season. Not to mention that his style of play, physical and defensive, is very attractive. Let's add to this lot of qualities, his experience and his leadership.

That said, hockey insider Elliotte Friedman has filed some fresh news about Chiarot, who could leave earlier than later!

«I think that St. Louis has been around there, I think Florida has been around there, I think that's a player Calgary has interest in.» - Friedman

We also need to add Toronto among the teams that are or will be in the race. Toronto??? WOW!

Many aspiring teams certainly want to add this type of player to their brigade, but for the moment, he remains a member of the Montreal Canadiens... until proven otherwise!
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