Émilie Castonguay gets a job in the NHL!

Published January 24, 2022 at 2:10 PM

The Vancouver Canucks have announced that they have hired player agent Emilie Castonguay as their next assistant general manager. She becomes the first woman to become assistant GM in the history of the franchise.

The announcement was made by interim general manager Jim Rutherford.

This is major news, as diversity throughout the NHL seems to be welcomed with open arms. Castonguay is quite a hockey head, and is highly regarded in her field. She was the first female agent certified by the NHL Players Association in 2016.

She was the agent for Alexis Lafreniere, Joshua Roy and brothers Mathieu and Pierre-Olivier Joseph, among others.

With Castonguay's departure, Olivier Fortier will now be the lead agent for the Momentum agency.

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