Only one logical choice for Canadiens GM according to a former head coach in Montreal!

Published November 29, 2021 at 3:51 PM

Jean Perron, former head coach of the Montreal Canadiens and Quebec Nordiques, has revealed who should be the Habs' general manager.

First of all, he was greatly satisfied with the big cleanup on the staff of the organization. A wind of change that won't hurt.

"I'll tell you one thing, it was one of my good days [Sunday]."

According to him, there is only one person who understands what it is to win in Montreal. His name? A certain Patrick Roy, former glory of the Montreal Canadiens in net.

"The only guy in this gang who lived the culture of the Canadiens hockey club, when we were winning, is Patrick Roy," said Perron. He has the experience of the NHL, the experience of a scout. He has experience in just about everything."

Remember that Patrick Roy's agent had confirmed a few days ago that Geoff Molson had not tried to contact his client.

Jean Perron added some by picking up Trevor Timmins, who according to him "farted higher than his hole".

"I couldn't take Trevor Timmins as head scout anymore. He was such a big deal. Under Bergevin, his first draft picks were hell."

We've heard all kinds of names for Jeff Gorton, but I have to say that Patrick Roy's name is very appealing.

Roy had some administrative experience with the Colorado Avalanche when he was head coach and VP of hockey operations. A small plus in his resume!

To be continued...

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