Official Statement From the NHL Regarding Carey Price: the True Emotions From the 2020-21 Season Have Been Revealed

Published November 26, 2023 at 6:52 PM

Carey Price played his last game in the Montreal Canadiens uniform on April 29, 2022. He then remained with the organization, gradually distancing himself and leaving Quebec to return to his home in British Columbia.

In an interview with Dave Stubbs on, Price opened up about the difficult past few years. He realized he was no longer part of the gang at the team's last golf tournament. Unsure where to sit at dinner, he chose the coaches' table over the players'. He also made another telling move:

"I thought this year it was time for me to leave the chat group. However, I still talk to a few players. I talk with Jake [Allen] quite often to see how he's doing." - Carey Price

The renowned goaltender admitted to Stubbs struggling to recover from the Stanley Cup Final loss in the 2020-2021 season, emotionally shattered by the defeat.

"You're almost in shock at the end, and emotionally, you're destroyed. You just think about all the effort that was put in."

"Life goes on, and I'm grateful for the memories of that journey, but we were so close. At that moment, all you can think is how frustrating it is. The Stanley Cup is the goal you try to reach all your life, and to come so close is so demoralizing." - Carey Price

Despite the challenges, the 36-year-old former player has moved on to another stage in his life, prioritizing his family and spending more time with them.

"I'm mainly focusing on my family and my health. I'm really happy to be there for my kids. It was a real privilege to see them grow up. With Liv, I was often gone during her childhood. Same with Millie. But with Lincoln, I've been there since the beginning."

"I miss many things from when I played, but sitting alone in a hotel room is not one of them." - Carey Price

Last spring, it was announced that the Price family was selling their Candiac home. The house, which did not find a buyer nearly six months later, is now rented by a player, whom Price does not want to name, from the current Canadiens team. The new tenant has already had problems with the Price family's house!

"He had moved in a few days when our broker called us because the water heater broke, Price recounted. I felt pretty bad. It's one of the joys of being a homeowner." - Carey Price

In this excellent piece by Stubbs, we also learn that the goaltender as we mentioned in a previous article, will not hinder his GM if he considers trading his contract. Hughes could therefore take advantage of this, even if the cap hit is still $10.5M, since the actual salary will be only $2M after July 1, 2025. A trade could therefore be possible from this date!

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Official Statement From the NHL Regarding Carey Price: the True Emotions From the 2020-21 Season Have Been Revealed

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