Nick Suzuki sent an indirect tip to Tyler Toffoli

Published November 26, 2021 at 2:16 PM

The Habs' first line will have a new dynamic tonight, as Jonathan Drouin was matched with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield. This combination is definitely very talented, so automatically, we should expect a lot of offensive production from them.

Nick Suzuki is an outstanding playmaker, certainly, he has an incredible wrist shot, which he very rarely uses, unfortunately. He's been tasked with feeding his wingers since the beginning of the campaign, but thanks to Jonathan Drouin, he'll have some pressure off.

The number 14 mentioned that he might be shooting at the net a lot more often, because Jonathan Drouin is a great passer, just like him.

Suzuki's comment was probably not meant to denigrate Tyler Toffoli, but he did indirectly say that Drouin would be a nice addition to his trio.

We agree that Tyler Toffoli is a good goal scorer, but he's not the most skilled passer.

Also, Jonathan Drouin is much more involved in all facets of the game this year, which is not the case with #73. Toffoli drags his feet on a regular basis, which could irritate his linemates at times.

Suzuki is really looking forward to reviving the chemistry that he and Jonathan Drouin had in the 2019-2020 season. He's eager to see what his trio will be able to do tonight in Buffalo.

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