Maxim Lapierre mentions a common point between Toffoli, Anderson, Dvorak, Hoffman, Wideman and Niku

Published November 26, 2021 at 12:07

We are looking for answers to the too many questions about the Montreal Canadiens' current roster. Why does this team have no soul? Why is there such a lack of leadership in the dressing room? The Habs are making tons of copies of the "why".

We can add a "why" about Tyler Toffoli, Josh Anderson, Christian Dvorak, Mike Hoffman, Chris Wideman and Sami Niku. Why were they all released or traded by their respective organizations when they were successful?

Maxim Lapierre rightly pointed out that "one might wonder about the positive leadership contribution these players can bring to the team... and especially in a debacle like the one the Tricolore is experiencing.

The question is so worth asking because, if you think about it in depth, it's true that a team doesn't release a player for fun like that when he performs well. There is probably a little something in there somewhere... Think about it!
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