Jeff Petry will be embarrassed when Joel Edmundson returns

Published November 26, 2021 at 12:12

I often argue with some people about leadership because I believe it is the most important aspect of a hockey locker room and of everyday life. Without it, you don't move forward, you don't progress and you don't push yourself to be better.

Right now, we can see how much the absence of Shea Weber, Corey Perry and Joel Edmundson is hurting this team. You can see that this team has no real top-notch leader and that some players are dragging their feet. This is the case with Jeff Petry, who is very "sloppy".

But, as JiC pointed out on his show, Petry would be embarrassed as hell to do that with a guy like Edmundson around.

"Add Weber or Perry, just one of them, and it's a completely different situation. Or even Edmundson. I think Petry would have been a little more embarrassed to be sloppy knowing that a guy like Edmundson would have been waiting for him on the bench after his presence. I actually hope that's the case when Joel returns." - JiC

Can't wait for Edmundson to come back and give a big dose of leadership to a soulless locker room. It won't happen overnight, but we'll definitely feel a change with the return of number 44.
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