Mike Hoffman reacts to more insults against him on social media

Published October 30, 2022 at 3:24 PM

We told you yesterday, we often tend to think that the players of the Montreal Canadiens and the National Hockey League do not follow too much what is said about them on social media. If this is true for some, there are also many more than we think who are present.

That was a few days ago:

This is particularly the case of forward Mike Hoffman, who recently caused a stir when he decided to link some negative publications towards him, which made fans react

It was a nice way for Hoffman to make his presence felt on social media and send a subtle little message, while remaining relatively low-key.

However, yesterday, Hoffman made another gesture that got people talking on Twitter:

We're talking about an account with almost 12,000 followers.

Anyway, it's a good reminder that there are human beings behind these top athletes, that they can read what is said about them, and it can sometimes get to them when we criticize them too unfairly and too severely, we're not saying that was the case with the page in question, by the way.

However, we can give our opinion in a respectful and fair way.

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Mike Hoffman reacts to more insults against him on social media

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