The Lafreniere Draft: The Habs made an excellent pick according to a well known journalist

Published October 30, 2022 at 2:45 PM

National Hockey League prospect expert Corey Pronman of The Athletic has just published a new article to restart the order of a new draft.

After doing the exercise for the 2018 and 2019 drafts (among others), now he's released his new ranking of the 2020 NHL Draft, Alexis Lafreniere, and he based it all on the performance of youngsters over the past two years.

Remember of course that in 2020, the Montreal Canadiens drafted, at 16th overall, the defenseman Kaiden Guhle.

With that said, here are the results and the "new order of the 2020 NHL Draft", according to expert Corey Pronman.

In parentheses, see the original 2020 draft rank.

1. Tim Stützle, C (No. 3)
2. Lucas Raymond, LW (No. 4)
3. Alexis Lafrenière, LW (No. 1)
4. Seth Jarvis, RW (No. 13)

Of particular note here are the new rankings of Stützle (first overall) and Lafreniere, who drops to third overall.

5. Quinton Byfield, C (No. 2)
6. Jake Sanderson, LHD (No. 5)
7. Anton Lundell, C (No. 12)
8. Jamie Drysdale, RHD (No. 6)
9. Cole Perfetti, LW (No. 10)
10. Jack Quinn, RW (No. 8)
11. Lukas Reichel, LW (No. 17)

In our opinion, Kaiden Guhle should be in this category (5 to 11), but well, to be continued!

12. Dawson Mercer, C (No. 18)
13. Marco Rossi, C (No. 9)
14. Alexander Holtz, RW (No. 7)
15. Kaiden Guhle, LHD (No. 16)
16. Lukas Cormier, LHD (No. 68)
17. John-Jason Peterka, LW (No. 34)
18. Mavrik Bourque, C (#30)
19. Alexander Nikishin, LHD (No. 69)

Guhle would move up one spot, according to Pronman. He considers that the Montreal Canadiens have made a good move with this selection.

Despite this, Guhle's "new position" has many Tricolore fans talking, as many feel that the impressive young defenseman deserved to be higher.

20. William Dufour, RW (#152)
21. Braden Schneider, RHD (No. 19)
22. Dylan Holloway, C (No. 14)
23. Connor Zary, C (No. 24)
24. Shakir Mukhamadullin, LHD (No. 20)
25. Brock Faber, RHD (No. 45)
26. Thomas Bordeleau, C (No. 38)
27. Brendan Brisson, LW (No. 29
28. Devon Levi, G (No. 212)
29. Ridly Greig, C (No. 28)
30. Egor Sokolov, RW (No. 61)
31. Justin Barron, RHD (No. 25)
32. Topi Niemela, RHD (No. 64)
33. Hendrix Lapierre, C (No. 22)
34. Brandon Coe, RW (No. 98)
35. Yaroslav Askarov, G (No. 11)
36. Jake Neighbours, LW (No. 26)
37. Calle Clang, G (No. 77)
38. Marat Khusnutdinov, C (No. 37)

Do you agree with this new ranking of the 2020 National Hockey League Draft? Do you agree with Corey Pronman's record?

One thing is certain, the Montreal Canadiens made a good decision in selecting Kaiden Guhle.

Credit: HABSolumentFan and via Corey Pronman (The Athletic)
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The Lafreniere Draft: The Habs made an excellent pick according to a well known journalist

Who's better in 3 years?

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