Martin St-Louis is asked for a specific change immediately

Published October 17, 2022 at 10:09

As the Montreal Canadiens prepare to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins, Martin St-Louis and his men will be looking to get back to winning ways, and one of the ways to do that is through the power play.

The CH is one of only five teams in the NHL to have not scored a goal on the power play this season. That's a big difference (0 in 10).

In an attempt to correct the situation, analyst Guillaume Latendresse asked head coach Martin St-Louis for a specific change.

According to him, Josh Anderson must be removed from his current position on the power play.

To me, the bumper is your smartest player on the ice. He's the one who finds the open space and the little short pass that makes you expand the opposing defensive box. Anderson, to me, is not that guy." - Latendresse

On the post-game show this weekend, Guillaume really emphasized this point. He believes Anderson is hurting the team's success on the power play.

Well, it must be said that Anderson has been (so far) one of the most used players by the CH on the powerplay, averaging 3 minutes 32 seconds per game.

"He's not a guy who has an amazing catch-and-shoot. To me, he's not the right player at that position to be able to feed Nick Suzuki or Cole Caufield." - Latendresse

*Proposed transcribed by TVA Sports

Whether it's because of Josh Anderson's work, or not, we have to admit that it's really not working, right now, on the power play for the Tricolore.

What change(s) would you suggest?

Do you also think that Josh Anderson should lose his position on the five-man attack? Is it time to try out young Juraj Slafkovsky?

Stay tuned!

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Martin St-Louis is asked for a specific change immediately

Do you think Anderson is the right man to play the bumper position on PP?

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