Possible announcement to watch: a $63 million contract for Cole Caufield?

Jeff Drouin
October 16, 2022  (9:18 PM)

In his article of the week, the excellent Marc-Olivier Beaudoin discussed the big issue of the next contract of forward Cole Caufield.

Caufield, 21, has two goals and three points in three games this season. He will be an independent player with compensation next summer when his entry-level contract paying $880,833 per season expires.
He is currently eligible for a contract extension and is believed to be in negotiations with general manager Kent Hughes.
As Beaudoin mentions, the more time passes, the more it looks like Caufield's next contract will be a long-term one.
The more it goes on, the more I think the CH should give him a long-term contract, not a bridge contract, and I'm sure that's the avenue the team wants most right now. Nick Suzuki signed his 8-year contract at the end of his entry-level contract and this is an increasingly common practice in the league. [...] "

It's a risky bet for both sides, but it's also a logical and calculated one. On the one hand, Caufield has a combined total of only 80 games in the NHL (29 goals), but on the other hand, if the Habs wait and the kid scores 35 or 40 goals this season, the price will skyrocket.
"In my opinion, offering him a contract similar to Nick Suzuki's (8 x $7,875,000) would be a great idea for the team and it's quite possible that Caufield would accept such an offer. If the bridge contract route is taken and at the end of, say, a 2-year contract at a $4,000,000 annual salary, Caufield produces even more impressive numbers, it could cost close to $10,000,000 per season. On the premise that he was scoring around 40 goals, obviously."

- Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

He brings good points, and for many reasons, it does indeed seem so logical to offer him a contract identical to the one signed by his best friend and Montreal Canadiens captain, Nick Suzuki.
What do you think would be the best option for Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens? How much is Cole Caufield worth right now and what would be the best contract to offer him?
Do you like the idea of a $63 million contract (8 years / $7.875 million per year) for Cole Caufield? It would be the same deal that Nick Suzuki signed a year ago, almost to the day.
One thing is for sure, an announcement may be imminent and we should seriously start monitoring this file. Remember that Suzuki had signed in October.
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Possible announcement to watch: a $63 million contract for Cole Caufield?

Would you offer Cole Caufield an 8-year, $63 million contract?

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