Carey Price makes sad new revelations

Published October 16, 2022 at 11:44 PM

It is well known that Carey Price's career is most likely over due to a knee injury.

For him to return to the game, it would take a miracle:

In an interview with the excellent Arpon Basu, who covers the Montreal Canadiens for The Athletic, Price made some other sad revelations.

It's not just his knee injury, far from it!

"Carey Price, in an interview with Arpon Basu, says it's not just his knee. He revealed that he also has a major hip problem and an ankle problem, and it's all related. He adds that he also has a back problem."

- NHL Watcher

It's easy to see why there's so much pessimism in his case. By his own admission, Carey is truly "magicked". It's really sad, but it's nice to see Price open up more and reveal more information.

The media has been asking for more transparency on this issue for over a year now, and their wish has been granted.

Of course, a big press conference is scheduled this week for Carey Price. He should answer the questions of the media and it will be really interesting.

Watch for it!

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Carey Price makes sad new revelations

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