Martin St-Louis accidentally reveals a major information live on TV

Published April 12, 2022 at 9:51

As is the case after every game, the Montreal Canadiens' interim head coach, Martin St-Louis, was present at a press conference last night to answer questions from reporters.

The season is coming to an end and among the big issues to watch closely is the future of Martin St-Louis in Montreal. Will he decide to return next season? Will he (finally) give up his interim status?

The main interested party (as well as the CH's top executives) have been reminding us for several weeks that the decision will be announced at the end of the season and from what we understand, the ball is clearly in St-Louis' court.

Will Martin and his family want to be in Montreal in the long run, on this crazy adventure?

We almost had an announcement last night, when Martin St-Louis seemed to escape, live, in front of the media:

St. Louis played coy yesterday, saying, "Pick what you want," when asked "if" and "when" he'll be coaching next season, after using both words in a statement about getting ready for the game with his current group. - John Lu

Basically, when talking about his team for next season, Martin St-Louis got away with saying things like "when I'm going to start next season with the guys..." or "when we're going to talk again next October...", you can guess that the reporters quickly noticed the word choice!

St. Louis later corrected himself by using the word "if", and then there was this moment:

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Martin St-Louis accidentally reveals a major information live on TV

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