Nick Suzuki slightly injured?

Published April 12, 2022 at 3:10

It's a story that's getting a little more attention today, as forward Nick Suzuki (once again) missed yesterday's morning practice to receive treatment.

This has become a habit for the Habs' number one center in recent weeks.

Whether it's during his team's optional practices, or even during the Habs' regular practices (on game days), Suzuki is never present these days and it was the case again today:

Speaking of routine, Nick Suzuki is not at yesterday's morning practice. That's becoming more and more common in his case, even though he plays the game in the evening. - Renaud Lavoie

Instead, he takes advantage of game days to rest, take care of his body and get treatments in the morning.

This new "tradition" has many fans and observers questioning Suzuki's health.

Is he suffering from a minor injury? It's definitely probable, but clearly it hasn't affected his performance so far.

Again tonight, he was good against the Jets and got another point (that's 28 points in 28 games since Martin St-Louis was hired).

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Nick Suzuki slightly injured?

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