Marchand sent a BIG message to Canadian team fans

Published January 22, 2022 at 3:53 PM

The Edmonton Oilers are in trouble. The team is loosing it completely, having only two wins in its last 15 games. The last loss of the team, the 6-0 defeat against the Florida Panthers, hurt very badly.

It hurt the many fans of the Edmonton Oilers, as some of them threw their team jersey on the rink in protest. This setback, which occurred last Thursday, put a distance between the team, the club's stars and the fans.

In this regard, Brad Marchand insisted on defending Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, calling the action of the supporters inappropriate, while indicating that it prevents celebrities from staying, or others, from signing a VERY fierce deal in Canada.

There are a lot of cases where teams don't do well in Canada, that it's hard for players... Their families are harassed, their children are harassed at school. So, you know, fans can be a big part of why teams don't have success. Because they make the players unhappy sometimes.

They definitely push guys away to go to teams that don't have that kind of fan base. So sometimes fans also have to look in the mirror," said Marchand

OUCH! Boom, right where it hurts! The worst thing about it is that he is not at all in the left field!
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