The four names of the Montreal Canadiens who will leave first

Published January 22, 2022 at 1:33 PM

Yvon Pedneault and Pierre Rinfret talked about who should leave the Montreal Canadiens first. We all know that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have a VERY strong plan going forward.

To rebuild the Montreal Canadiens' culture, Hughes would have to move a few pieces on his board. According to Pedneault, the CH won't get much in return for Carey Price because of his contract and the fact that he didn't play this season.

That said, according to Rinfret, Ben Chiarot, Jake Allen, Artturi Lehkonen and Joel Armia will be the first four players to leave the Montreal Canadiens.

Armia, playing as he plays recently, will be difficult to trade since his salary of $3.4 million until 2024 will be hard to swallow for many teams. Armia does not help his cause by playing such a little inspired game.

In the case of Chiarot, we all know that he has excellent value, even if Ducharme uses him at 3-on-3, hahaha. About Allen, it's the eight-week absence that hurts, but he will certainly become available if Samuel Montembeault continues on this journey.

The only one that really tickles me among Rinfret's four choices is Lehkonen since he is the type of player around which to build to install a culture of commitment and is an individual who has the foot on the floor.

But in the end, it will be up to Kent Hughes to decide how to manage the future workforce.
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