Marc Bergevin is in a strong position in negotiations with Geoff Molson

Published November 26, 2021 at 6:31 PM

In addition to the team's performance on the ice, it is mainly Marc Bergevin's contractual situation that is attracting attention in the Montreal Canadiens' entourage this season.

If no progress seems to be made in the negotiations between the Habs general manager and Geoff Molson, the latter may not have the choice to make a decision soon if he does not want this situation to have negative effects on the future of his organization...

Informer Andrew Zadarnowski has indeed brought a very interesting point, Friday, he explains that Marc Bergevin is in an excellent position to force Molson's hand in the negotiations.

To clarify his point, Zadarnowski highlights the fact that Marc Bergevin could, if he wanted to, not make any more changes to the team until a decision is made about his future, which would certainly be unfair to his eventual successor.

In short, it is obvious that this issue has been dragging on for too long now. Geoff Molson will have to put an end to this in the near future, whatever his decision, otherwise the next GM of the team could find himself with quite a challenge to manage when he arrives.
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