Marc-André Fleury in Montreal?

Published November 1, 2021 at 9:14

With all of the big-legged guys on the Montreal Canadiens right now, this one is not in the car. I love Jake Allen, but he can't take on that role over a long period of time and too repetitively as he gets winded quickly.

In the case of the auxiliary, we now see that the organization is not that deep in front of the net. He lacks experience and it is palpable when Montembeault is sent into the fray. Against the Anaheim Ducks, he did well, but...

Hence the title of this article: Marc-André Fleury in Montreal?

With the Chicago Hawks' atrocious start to the season, still without a win in nine games, and the tragic story of Kyle Beach, Marc-André Fleury's name has been circulating in the rumor mill. His name has been attached to the Edmonton Oilers.

What if Marc Bergevin tried to contact his former organization to get Marc-André Fleury? We're talking here...

Think about it, the Habs will have room under the cap to afford such an addition since Shea Weber is on the LTIR for a damn long time. Notably, "Flower" pockets an average salary of $7 million and his current deal runs out at the end of this season-if.

In the minus category: the Habs aren't in a good place right now, either, so would the 36-year-old Quebecer agree to come play for them for the rest of the season, if not his career? His arrival could revive the team... or not!

Jake Allen and Fleury's return picks, with the Hawks holding back 50% of his salary, would be fair, right? We're still talking here...
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