Fresh news on Brendan Gallagher's condition

Published November 1, 2021 at 8:35

Brendan Gallagher did not participate in Sunday afternoon's duel as an injury sent him to the sidelines. After only a few seconds, he had to withdraw during the pre-game warm-up.

For the moment, we don't know the exact nature of the injury, but we do know that he will be re-evaluated by Montreal. His absence could be longer than expected, but the organization does not believe that it will keep him out for too long.

When this announcement was posted on social media, many fans started to criticize and destroy the little "Gally" because of his monstrous contract and the decrease of his speed.

Below this publication, we can read several disgraceful comments against Gallagher and even Marc Bergevin.

"This contract will kill this team. The logic of paying players past the previous contract is stupid. They know he is deteriorating, but Bergevin paid him anyway. I would have kept Danault 100% before Gallagher at this point in their careers!"

Now that's disgusting:

"Is he depressed too? Too much pressure because of the new contract? Let's all give him a big hug! That seems to have become the rule in this hockey club daycare..."

And this, what the heck is this?!?

"What a bad and long contract. Bergevin clearly should have bought himself a dog."

Are you serious? What is the point of this flurry of comments in order to denigrate Brendan Gallagher? Can someone explain it to me?
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