Major turnaround for the Arizona Coyotes regarding their mini arena

Published May 26, 2022 at 1:35 PM

One of the issues that continues to get a lot of attention (and laughter) in the NHL is the Arizona Coyotes' next arena.

They are actually planning to play in a mini arena with less than 4800 seats, which is really incredible and ridiculous when you think about it.

It was even more embarrassing when we learned that they wouldn't even be able to put their own logo in the center of their arena. We're talking about a professional team, the NHL.

It seems that there is a turnaround on this particular issue.

According to Sports Logos' Chris Creamer, the agreement finally specifies that the Arizona Coyotes do not have the right to remove the Sun Devils' logo. (the main team and the one that has priority on the arena)

So, during the Coyotes games, they will be able to put a small logo (of the Coyotes), but they will have to keep the Sun Devils one.

It's not as bad, but still! Not very professional, let's say.

So, the logos of both teams will be at the center of the rink, next season. However, with this big control that Arizona State University will be able to exert on the arena's signage, you can guess that the Coyotes will (once again) lose a lot of money and cut themselves off from a significant source of revenue.

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Major turnaround for the Arizona Coyotes regarding their mini arena

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