We now know what the Habs must offer to acquire Kevin Fiala via trade

Published May 26, 2022 at 11:04

This is probably the biggest thing to watch in the NHL as the draft approaches: the likely upcoming trade of star forward Kevin Fiala.

Remember, the Wild's second best player (after Kirill Kaprizov) will be looking for a new monster contract this summer, but due to the buyouts of Ryan Suter and Zach Parise's contracts, Minnesota will literally have no money. They lose $12.75 million on their payroll in penalties.

According to many, it's almost impossible for Fiala to stay in Minnesota.

In fact, yesterday, their GM Bill Guerin made some revealing comments in an interview. When asked if he could trade Dumba instead of Fiala, see his very clear and direct answer:

"Why is it always Dumba? Dumba plays a lot of minutes for us. There are a lot of things that Matt Dumba does very well. Everyone has their flaws. Kevin hasn't been good during the playoffs, but people are all dying to keep him. [...] I like Matt Dumba. I think he's a damn good defenseman, and people want to run him out of town just because Kevin had a good three months." - Bill Guerin

Fiala has 85 points and 33 goals this season, he had 40 points in 49 games last season and 54 points in 64 games the season before that (Wild high). That's clearly more than "three good months."

In short, there is now clearly a 25 year old star winger on the trade market, and if I were general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, I would definitely call.

So the next question is: what will Kevin Fiala cost on the trade market? We now have the answer.

As Marco Normandin (HABSolumentFan) reports, the Wild's reporter, the excellent Michael Russo (The Athletic) has shed some light on the subject.

DGs are always looking for comparable trades, as they are in all areas. The comparable trade here, according to Russo?

The Sam Reinhart trade.

Last summer, Reinhart was traded from the Buffalo Sabres to the Florida Panthers for prospect Devon Levi (goalie) + a late first round pick in 2022.

In Sam Reinhart's case, he was (like Fiala) a restricted free agent and was coming off a 60 point season, but with the poor Buffalo Sabres.

And he cost a late first round pick as well as a "B" prospect.

So here is what the Montreal Canadiens would have to offer, to get the services of Kevin Fiala:

2022 1st round pick (Calgary's) + a prospect like Jesse Ylonen or Mattias Norlinder or Cayden Primeau.

Kent Hughes may also have to add a second or third round pick.

Would you make this trade for the Montreal Canadiens?

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We now know what the Habs must offer to acquire Kevin Fiala via trade

Would you make this trade to acquire Kevin Fiala? (1st round pick (Calgary's pick) + 3rd round pick + 1 prospect for Fiala

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