Shane Wright just sent a message to Montreal Canadiens fans and journalists

Published May 26, 2022 at 1:20 PM

In the last few hours, it was the turn of the excellent Marco D'Amico to speak with the excellent Shane Wright, who could soon become a pillar of the Montreal Canadiens franchise.

The one who should be drafted first overall came back on his recent season in Kingston:

"I had a lot of responsibility this year. (My linemates) were rookies and my coach wanted me to mentor them, show them what the OHL is all about and how to be productive in the league." - Shane Wright

Wright was also asked about his ambitions for next season, which is expected to be his first in the OHL:

"I think I'll have to show a little more grit in my game (next year). I was playing against other teams' best players almost every time I was in Kingston this year, so I always had to think about playing defensively if we wanted to have a chance to win. I also want to improve my speed on the ice. The game in the NHL is much faster and it will be beneficial for me to be faster." - Shane Wright

Finally, Wright sent a message to Montreal fans and media, a very reassuring one: he is not at all afraid of the pressure of a market like Montreal and he wants to help build a winning culture in the Tricolore locker room:

"I've had pressure since I was in the minors and I've always handled it well. Pressure can be a good thing, it shows that people care about you. With what I want to do and what I want to be, I'm always going to have pressure. I'm a passionate, competitive person who wants to win every game. I hate to lose. I was named captain so my coaches and teammates know I can be a role model and set an example. I think I can bring a winning culture to any locker room." - Shane Wright

Interesting! It fits perfectly with what many experts, like Stephane Leroux (RDS) have been saying. Wright is a perfect player for Montreal, because he's incredibly talented, he can become a star center, but also because he's been under pressure and expectations for a very long time (and he's always been able to handle it brilliantly)

To see the full interview, click here:

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Shane Wright just sent a message to Montreal Canadiens fans and journalists

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