Louis Jean lands with BIG information about Bergevin

Published November 27, 2021 at 11:00 PM

The pot is blowing up at the Montreal Canadiens, and it all started with the departure of Scott Mellanby. He is the first domino that will make the others fall to place new ones following all this.

That being said, Louis Jean, who has many contacts throughout the NHL, has provided some new information about the state of Marc Bergevin, who was surprised and hurt by the rumors involving Gorton and the sudden departure of his buddy Mellanby:

When Geoff Molson and Bergevin agreed that the divorce was coming, "Berg" recommended Mellanby as the man to take the reins he's been holding since 2012... But Bergevin was in no way aware of the steps that were going on behind his back.

As he has already stated, only dogs are fully loyal to man. It seems to me that his sentence sounded something like this. In short, it's not a question of if Bergevin will leave, but rather WHEN he will pack his bags to leave the Montreal Canadiens.
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