Logan Mailloux would have been the victim of an injustice Sunday night

Published January 10, 2022 at 4:17 PM

In his second game of the season, Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux was simply dominant on the ice.

He filled the net on two occasions, maintained an impressive +3 rating and directed eight pucks on net. He was literally everywhere on the ice.

However, number 24 was not named one of the three stars of the game, even though he was a game changer.

Mailloux taunted the opposition with a controversial celebration after scoring his first OHL goal.

According to Grant McCagg, a former NHL scout, Mailloux may well have been the victim of an injustice because of this famous abusive celebration.

"It didn't go unnoticed that Mailloux didn't get a star in Kitchener, even though he scored two goals. I don't think the fact that he put his hand to his ear after his first goal made him popular with those who made the picks. He won't be one of the favorites."

To support McCagg's points, here are the three stars from the London Knights game against the Kitchener Rangers :


Antonio Stranges clearly deserved his first star, as he had four points in the game. However, Mailloux clearly should have been ahead of Sean McGurn and Cody Morgan in the voting, as shown by these statistics...


McCagg seems to be right. Logan Mailloux simply doesn't have a lot of friends and he didn't make any last night with his celebration...

But you have to admit that he is quite a hockey player.
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